Ninja Classes
For Kids, Teens & Adults

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Master the art of Ninjutsu - All training conducted in a fun, safe and exciting manner

What it Means to Be a Ninja

Ninjas: You’ve seen them in movies and if you have children, chances are you’ve seen them try to mimic the moves of these black-clothed warriors. But do you and your kids know the history of ninjas and what it means to be one? If your child wants to be a ninja (or just act like one), it’s important to educate them about what ninjas are and get them into martial arts classes that can teach them proper techniques and safety. At Orion Martial Arts in San Diego’s North County, we offer affordable ninja classes for kids, teens, and adults. If you’re interested in these classes for you or someone you know, keep reading to learn more about our classes.

Ninja classes will teach your children how to use Ninja weapons (sword, nunchaku, Sai, Kama, Bo and stars). Lots of challenging obstacle and agility courses, rope crossing and balance drills. Tons of training in the art of camouflage and concealment, as well as much, much more!


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A Brief History
Ninjas were covert agents in feudal Japan that were tasked with open combat, infiltration, espionage, assassination, and more. During times of unrest and war, ninjas were hired for these tasks. However, once Japan became more unified, the ninja became a thing of the past. They became more of a legend, story, or folktale than anything real. With this romanticized view of the ninja came the ideas that ninjas were almost supernatural; people believed that their training included learning to walk on water or exert control over the elements. This is why the common world view of them involved a lot of mystery and the idea that they were even more sneaky and stealthy than they actually were.  

Regardless of what people believe that ninjas are capable of, we know that they had to undergo extensive training and learn to have control over their body, mind, and weapons. Ninjas were born to be ninjas, and the profession was passed down through families. Being a ninja was not just a profession, but a way of life and was treated as such.