Class Schedule 
You MUST pay before signing up for any classes, payment button on this page 
(there is a 3% credit/ debit card fee added to the total= $66.95 at checkout). 

**Classes start right at the beginning of each hour, you must arrive right at the hour.**
***Classes are 45 min long***

Ninja Classes: Mon- Fri @ 4pm (starting Aug. 17th)
Karate Classes: Mon-Fri @ 5pm and 6pm; Monday and Friday @ 7pm

Specialty Classes (with Mr. S): signup here
Mondays @ 9am- Stretching Class - Static and Dynamic Stretching along with Yoga style stretches.
Wednesdays @ 9am- Morning Flow - Energizing the body with Primal Movement and Breathing Meditation.
Fridays @ 9am- Fitness Kickboxing - Cardio Based Kickboxing along with Body Weight Exercises.

What Are Your Favorite Classes?